Giacomo Balla. From Futurism to the abstract iconic Futurism

Giacomo Balla on display at Palazzo Roma Merulana

From 21 March 17 June 2019 a Palace Merulana, the exhibition curated by Fabio Benzi has about 60 works of the great artist from Turin, that revolve around the famous painting Primo Carnera of the 1933, kept inside the permanent exhibition in the building; the new art space and culture opened in May last year.

Palace Merulana

multifunctional space that houses exhibitions and cultural activities. The imposing structure Umbertino style renovated, redeveloped, It expands to approximately to 180 square meters in which houses the collection of works of Elena Foundation and Claudio Cerasi. Thanks to the interest of the family Cerasi, important collectors and builders, they had decided to build a residence for their collection, it was possible the restoration project and enhancement of the building. Circa 90 works located along the floors of the building, From the friendly from the ground floor with a bookshop and café, you can admire the sculptures of Antonietta Raphaël or the works of Lucio Fontana, Giuseppe Penone and many others. In the second floor where we find most of the painting and sculpture collection, you can admire among others De Chirico, Balla, Capogrossi, Casorati e Cambelotti. On the third floor with the presence of the contemporary Boetti O Schifano, along with other examples. In the end the attic, place dedicated to cultural activities and events with an attractive terrace on the roofs and domes of Rome. A dynamic and versatile site that represents the natural position of the exhibition on Giacomo Balla.

The exhibition

From Futurism to the abstract iconic Futurism is a style step decided in the artistic production of Balla. The survey shows that the aims suggests an interesting interpretation and very stimulating. The artistic path Balla He had led him to be among the first protagonists of Italian divisionism in the early '900, then to adhere to Futurism, up to a return, 30s to figuration, albeit with innovative aspects. In about 60 works on display, where there is clearly Futurist paintings from the same period of the portraits, It deepens own latter passage. Trials of images that overlap slightly different to those of the magazines of, go fishing everyday in the ideal of people inspired by the film and by the spread of the magazines.

The most outstanding example is the Primo Carnera taken from a photo of Elio Luxardo published on the front page of Gazzetta dello Sport in 1933, when he became champion of the world heavyweight. The exceptional work painted on both sides, another features the famous the profumo of the 1926, subject typically futurist, It appears as sublime emblem of his artistic transition. The technique used, applying to the painting a metal mesh bottom on which then paints, which causes a so-called effect of “retinatura”, makes it perfectly the effect of the rotogravure. The figure refers directly to the printed images of the newspapers suggesting the impression pixel photographs. Balla as a figurative universe forerunner of Pop Art? Of course this exhibition seems to evoke a comparison that, thinking about it, intrigues and intrigues. Indeed the works carried out by the technique of “retinatura”, They are placed next to the images of celebrities in magazines and pictures taken by famous photographers of the time as Luxardo e Ghergo.

A great opportunity to discover an original artistic side of one of the most important painters of the '900, and those who had not yet done, visit the new Roman art space created to propose a new and exciting way to experience culture in all its forms.

Info, Timetable and prices

Giacomo Balla. From Futurism to the abstract iconic Futurism

From 21 March 17 June 2019, Palace Merulana Via Merulana 121

SCHEDULE: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 14 at 20, Saturday and Sunday from 10 at 20. Last hour input 19. Tuesday closed.

TICKET: full 10 €, Reduced 8 € young people under 27, adulti over 65, Teachers in business, belonging to affiliated groups. Free children under 7 one teacher for every 10 students, an accompanying each 10 people, disabled person with escort.

TEL.: +39 06 39967800

E-MAIL INFO: [email protected]


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