EtruSchifano. Mario Schifano at Villa Giulia: a return

Mario Scchifano Villa Giulia


At National Museum of Villa Giulia from 13 December 2018 al 10 March 2019

Twenty years after the disappearance of Mario Schifano, one of the most important exponents of contemporary art, the National Museum of Villa Giulia is dedicating an exhibition to the artist based on his relationship with the Etruscan civilization. clean yes Gianluca Tagliamonte e Maria Paola Guidobaldi, the exhibition also recalls the time when, to be used in the museum from 1951 al 1962, occupying the role of restorer and polisher drawings.


In the precious frescoed rooms located on the main floor of the museum exhibition it proposes for the first time together two cycles of works inspired by the artistic productions of the ancient Etruscans.

In Hall of the Seven Hills It is the first cycle "The Etruscans". Made to order in 1991 It consists of more than 20 pictures showing, in some playback, in others the reworking, frescoes of tombs and ancient objects of Etruscan culture. The figures drawn with bright colors on a background almost come to life as sketches of a lost time returning in this. Interesting is the combination of the works

with some antique vases taken from the vast collection of the Museum, that creating a suggestive artistic echo evokes the direct link between past and present. In the same room there is a bulletin board, there are documents concerning Schifano taken by this personal file in the archives of the Museum.

In Venus Room the second cycle is represented by three canvases and by several preparatory drawings. Also this work, realized between 1995 and the 1996, it was commissioned. The particular aspect is the origin of the Commission expressed by a religious foundation that deals with child care in Africa. The only artist painting cycle that interprets the theme of the sacred, inspired by the Matuta the Museum of Capua where he stayed after a few trips made in Africa, in a period of great attention to the issues of motherhood and poverty in the world. Still we find the presence of bright and vivid colors and the direct contact between past and present, this time through the figure of the symbol big Mother that generates life and renews the time. As if to exorcise or to sublimate the end he had touched in the past and which will arrive shortly after 26 January 1998.

Mario Schifano

Born in Libya in Homs in the 20 September 1934 He spent his childhood accompanying his father restorer in the ruins of Leptis Magna. Schifano The family returned to Italy at the end of the war and the young and restless Mario, had just 17 years, He went to work at National Museum of Villa Giulia. Start by performing measurements on the monuments to be restored and transcribing of the plant floor plans of the tombs of the Etruscan necropolis. He continues his work on and off until the resignation of 1962, in the meantime, he began to attend the so-called Piazza del Popolo School where he met among others Mimmo Rotella, Giosetta Fioroni, Franco Angeli e Tano Festa. Mario Schifano is immersed in the cultural ferment of the capital.

He is interested in photography, of music, film. She goes to New York with Andy Warhol and participated in the show New Realists, in London the Rolling Stones that will dedicate a song. The entire artistic production is its voracity to live the present and to experience all possible means to penetrate it and yet keeping the charm of Roman and pre-Roman penetrated in his formative years. From his "Landscapes anemic ", the sixties, in which island of the details and then it enlarges them framing them as a camera lens, the actual photographs, the seventies, the live television images that once printed the negative painting with colors nitro. Until the performance of 16 May 1985 in Florence where, at the launch of a major exhibition dedicated to the Etruscans, Schifano made a giant Chimera, a canvas 4 meters for 10, before an audience was impressed by the result, and that you can relive thanks to the photo gallery Marcello Gianvenuti present at the exhibition.

The exhibition is tempting opportunity to meet one of the key painters of the second half of the twentieth century, able to anticipate the future direction of the company.

Perhaps there is no better definition, that can sum up the artistic approach of Schifano his accomplishments and his own life, that of Achille Bonito Oliva:

"A special envoy in painting as a man and a special envoy in reality as a painter"

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EtruSchifano. Mario Schifano at Villa Giulia: a return

From 13 December 2018 al 10 March 2019

National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia, Piazzale di Villa Giulia, 9 – Roma

Opening: Tuesday to Sunday from 9 at 20

ticket price: Adults € 8, Reduced € 4, Free for those eligible

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